Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total cost?
$5,500 + tax and books

Is Taos School of Massage certification-accredited?
This school is registered with the NM Board of Massage Therapy. After completing it you are qualified to take the National Exam and State exam. You need to do this to be licensed in New Mexico.

Do you offer a certification in sports massage?
The best Sports Massage (100-300 hours) work that I know of is at this school. I am a marathon runner & certified downhill & cross country ski instructor. Call me. Eric 575-758-2725.

What is the length of course?
650 hours total

How long is it from start to finish?
Usually 11 months, at 2 days a week, 8 hours a day.

Is it possible to get into an existing program?
Usually you can. There are benefits & drawbacks to it.

When is the next starting date for classes?
There are courses beginning in April, August and December. Additional starting dates may be possible with a qualifying interview.

Is there a work program?
Yes, a few hours.

Can you suggest resources for relocation to the Taos area?
You can call me (575-758-2725) and I can lead you in the right direction. The Taos County Chamber of Commerce number is 575-758-3873.

What People Say About the Taos School of Massage

I’ve been in massage practice for 12 years now and I’m still understanding more and more about what we learned and why we studied meditation, body dynamics, yoga and the body-mind connection. I’m grateful that we had such a varied curriculum. It prepared me for working with many different clients and in different settings. I can also do many hours of sessions without getting tired.

I’ve found in talking to others that I studied a lot more than many schools, even ones that are more hours and more money. Specifically, we did many hours of Pregnancy massage that was just included in our program.

I really felt listened to in school with the open circle teaching style and that prepared me to listen to my clients, and for the career I’m moving to now in therapy and counseling.

Thanks so much, Eric.

-Rebecca Goldston, class of ‘96

I made up to $4,000 a month in my first year out of school, and I was voted best Massage Therapist in a high-ranking facility! I can do as many massages as I want and I’m not even tired at the end of the day.

We studied so many different types of bodywork in school that I’m using now. I enjoyed how dynamic the curriculum was, always meeting the needs of the students. I’m so glad I decided to make this change in my life!

-Doug Gilnet class of ‘08

The TSM grads are some of the best massage therapists I can hire. Even coming straight out of school, they can often give a better massage than more experienced therapists, especially in the deep tissue work.

-Elena, director of East West Chiropractic

For information on workshops or private sessions, contact
James Frederick Ritchie at (575) 758-2725

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